Faculty & Staff106 results

NameLocationPO BoxPhoneJob PositionOffice/Department
Abbott, Charles 120(218) 333-6645MnSCU Academic Prof 1 in Admissions
Adams, Erika 307(651) 556-0594Grant Specialist
Anderson, Ashley 256(218) 333-6661Nursing Faculty
Baas, Dr. Mark (218) 333-6600Speech Faculty
Bannor, Terri 227(218) 333-6658Dental Assistant Faculty
Bartlett, Andy 323 (BSU)#2 (BSU)(218) 755-2746Associate Director of Communications & Marketing
Beevor, Julie 228(218) 333-6630Nursing Faculty
Berube, Jana DistMN(651) 355-0116MnSCU Academic Professional 1
Bierman, Karen 256(218) 333-6671Nursing Faculty
Bine, David (218) 333-6600Computer Technician Faculty
Blatti, Teresa DistMN(651) 355-0118MnSCU Academic Professional 1
Boyer, Charles 129(218) 333-6653Building Utilities Mechanic
Boyer, Craig Accounting Faculty
Brielmaier, Michele 260(218) 333-6659Director of Nursing and Health Sciences
Brower, Jeffrey SetCtr(218) 333-6642Plumbing Faculty
Bruning, Cynthia (218) 333-6600Sign Language Faculty
Brunko, Tiffany DistMN(651) 556-0592OASI Intermediate
Burkett, Lisa Biology Faculty
Carley, Alicia (218) 333-6679Biology Faculty
Curb-Aitken, Margo 208(218) 333-6628Supervisory Management Faculty
Dahl, Dawn 208(218) 333-6636Composition Faculty
Delisle, David 129(218) 333-6653General Maintenance Worker
Dillemuth, Jim 347 (BSU)#2 (BSU)Chief Information Officer
Dokken, Julie 227(218) 333-6657Dental Assistant Faculty
Dukek, Leslie 113(218) 333-6612Testing Center Proctor
Dunham, Sean (218) 333-6600Anthropology Faculty
Eckstrom, Ruth 256(218) 333-6625Nursing Faculty
Erickson, Linda 311(218) 333-6640English/Psychology Faculty
Falk, Colleen (218) 333-6600Administrative Support Faculty
Ferdinandt, Grace 119(218) 333-6654MnSCU Academic Prof 1
Frenzel, Michelle 335 (BSU)#24 (BSU)(218) 755-2063Executive Director of Enrollment Management
Furniss, Lynn 128(218) 333-6647Assistant Registrar/Enrollment Services Coordinator
Goodwin, Carrie 254(218) 333-6629Nursing Faculty
Gourneau, Kim 101A (BSU)(218) 755-3948Registrar
Hanson, Austin (651) 355-0110Management Analyst 1
Hanson, Diane (800) 657-3930MnSCU Academic Professional 1
Hanson, Kerin
Hanson, Lisa 128(218) 333-6615MnSCU Academic Professional 1
Harms, Cheryl 256(218) 333-6629Exam Monitor
Haugen, Ashleigh 344 (BSU)#1 (BSU)(218) 755-2084Human Resources Specialist 1
Haugen, Nancy 205(218) 333-6652Associate Director of Career Services
Henriksen, Brenda 256(218) 333-6660Nursing Faculty
Hensrud, Dr. Faith 304 (BSU)#3 (BSU)(218) 755-2011President
Hess, Carol 346 (BSU)#1 (BSU)(218) 755-2445Human Resources Specialist 1
Hodgson, Beverly 101 (BSU)#12 (BSU)(218) 755-4214Associate Registrar
Huschle, Kathy Biology Faculty
Jensen, Shane 303(218) 333-6651ITS 3 / HelpDesk
Johanning, Sandy 256(218) 333-6671Nursing Faculty
Johanson, Carla DistMN(651) 201-1303Online Supervisor
Johnson, Ashley (218) 759-2057Foundation Development Officer
Johnson, Mark 555(218) 333-6637Automotive Services Technology Faculty
Johnson, Mr Zachary 205(218) 333-6652Director of Advising Success Center
Kangas, Michelle DistMN(651) 355-0113MNSCU Academic Professional 1
Karels, Kristi DistMN(651) 556-0599Management Analyst 3
Koshenina, Kari DistMN(651) 355-0108MnSCU Academic Prof 1
Kuhrke, Doreen 107(218) 333-6611Administrative Assistant
Lapp, Carsha 208(218) 333-6667Sales and Marketing Faculty
Lapp, Sheila 208(218) 333-6674Accounting Faculty
Larson, Nicole Nursing Faculty
Lawrence, Lesa 114 (BSU)#14 (BSU)(218) 755-4142Director of Financial Aid
Lee, Michael
Lindseth, Becky Interim Director Distance MN
Marek, Dr. Keith 377 B (BSU)#27 (BSU)(218) 755-2788Professor, Chem Department Chair
Mathiowetz, Amy Accounting Faculty
Miles, Tia Admissions Rep
Miller, Julie 254(218) 333-6629Nursing Faculty
Muller, Paul 103 (BSU)#13 (BSU)(218) 755-2173Director of Admissions
Myers, Dr. David Philosophy Faculty
Newhouse, Shawnette DistMN(651) 355-0109MnSCU Academic Professional 1
Orgon, Bob 132a(218) 333-6624Electrician Faculty
Oster, Gwen 132B(218) 333-6635Elec
Parta Arno, Jennifer Psychology Faculty
Petersen, Kaci Adjunct
Peterson, Dr. Debra 315 (BSU)#3 (BSU)(218) 755-4121Interim Assistant to President AA/Accreditation
Piller, Mrs. Emily Nursing Faculty
Potratz, Wendy 227(218) 333-6648Biology/Community Health Faculty
Raynbird, Andria Exam Monitor
Rinkenberger, Judy 116(218) 333-6614Accounting Officer Senior
Roberts, Cathy DistMN(651) 556-0598Management Analyst 1
Schmelz, Melissa DistMN(651) 556-0591Office and Administrative Specialist Intermediate
Schmidt, Jenna Psychology Faculty
Schwegman, Carrie Biology Faculty
Sherwood, Justin CPR Faculty
Sinn, Ward Boiler Operator Faculty
Smid, Davis 330(218) 333-6643Electrician Faculty
Snorek, Karen 349 (BSU)#1 (BSU)(218) 755-2012Vice President for Finance and Administration
Sorenson, Gary 208(218) 333-6624Accounting Faculty
Stodola, Mark Lab Assistant- Auto
Stowe, George Biology Faculty
Stowe, Pam 224(218) 333-6672Early Childhood Education Faculty
Strosahl, Darrin 105(218) 333-6611Vice President of Academic Affairs
Sutherland, Heather 217(218) 333-6672Early Childhood Education Faculty
Sutton, Sue 208(218) 333-6626Medical Administrative Assistant Faculty
Tadlock, Scott DistMN(651) 355-0119MnSCU Academic Professional 1
Thole, Sandy 258(218) 333-6663College Laboratory Asst 2 Nursing Lab Assistant
Thomas, Sara Distmn(651) 556-0597MnSCU Academic Professional 1
Thul, Peter 132C(218) 333-6634Electrician Faculty
Vettleson, Gus 330(218) 333-6652Mathematics Faculty
Vobr, Loretta 258(218) 333-6610Nursing Faculty
Walvatne, Becky DistMN(651) 355-0107Information Officer 1
Weber, Dean SetCtrHVAC Faculty
Williamson, Keith Customized Training
Winkels, Daniel College Lab Assistant 1
Worner, Tamara Accounting Faculty
Zbacnik, Joyce Mathematics Faculty
Zothman, Megan 344 (BSU)#1 (BSU)(218) 755-2502Chief Human Resources Officer
Offices40 results

NameLocationPO BoxPhoneFax
Accounting 208(218) 333-6622(218) 333-6694
Admissions 120, 117(218) 333-6600(218) 333-6697
Affirmative Action
Automation Technologies
Automotive Service 514,554(218) 333-6694
Bookstore 110(218) 751-1987
Business Office 130(218) 333-6614(218) 333-6696
Business Program 208(218) 333-6674(218) 333-6694
Child Care and Education 224(218) 333-6672(218) 333-6694
Community Health Worker 227(218) 333-6648
Construction Technology
Dental Assisting 227(218) 333-6694
Distance Minnesota
Electrical Construction 132(218) 333-6634
Engineering Technology
Facility Maintenance & Management
Financial Aid 119(218) 333-6600(218) 333-6698
Healthcare Support
High-Performance Engine Machining 318(218) 333-6638(218) 333-6694
Human Resources 109(218) 333-6664(218) 755-3153
Human Resources Program
Individualized Studies
Industrial Maintenance
Information Technology Services 303(218) 333-6651(218) 333-6694
Library 207(218) 333-6655(218) 333-6694
Machine Technologist
Management and Entrepreneurship
Manufacturing Engineering Technologies (218) 333-6694
Mechanical Contruction
Motorsports Technology
Nursing 258(218) 333-6663(218) 333-6694
Optivation BSU(218) 755-4900(218) 755-4903
Production Technologies
Records and Registrar 119, 128(218) 333-6600(218) 333-6697
Residential Plumbing /HVAC SET Center(218) 333-6642(218) 333-6694
Sales, Marketing & Management 208(218) 333-6667(218) 333-6694
Supervisory Leadership & Management
Web Services Deputy 205D(218) 755-2360
Welding Technology
Young Child Education 224(218) 333-6672(218) 333-6694