Construction Technology

Build your ideal career from the ground up.

Those who carve out successful careers in construction generally enjoy working with tools, take pride in their work, pay attention to detail and accuracy, and work well both independently and as a part of a multidisciplinary team. Good hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity and strong communication skills are a must.

Construction students at Northwest Technical College can complete one or two certificates that provide the basic concepts and skills needed to assist on construction sites. All construction trade program students work collectively to build a residential home. Together, they learn how specialized skills, industry collaboration and carefully managed timing must come together to build a house from the blueprint stage to testing the doorbell. This real-life application provides students with the added advantage of experience throughout the entire construction process rather than the isolated theory of a singular construction field.

Further, the collaborative construction technology program at NTC also includes advanced training in sustainable construction and eco-friendly green building so students are prepared for emerging careers in those technologies.

Credits earned from the certificate programs may be applied to degree programs in Electrical Construction, Mechanical Construction and Facility Management.