Degrees & Credentials

NTC Commercial Refrigeration Faculty John Kenny

Students pursuing their degree in Commercial Refrigeration/HVAC at NTC have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art equipment on campus and in the field.

The 60-credit diploma combines courses from the college‚Äôs current Plumbing/HVAC and Electrical Construction & Maintenance programs with a 15-credit block of new Commercial Refrigeration courses, along with general education requirements. It will provide training and coursework that directly correlates to business and industry requests. Sixty percent of the program’s instruction will be in classrooms with forty percent occurring in hands-on training and field environments.

Students will take courses in electrical theory, advanced electronics and motor controls along with specialized coursework exploring commercial refrigeration systems and equipment.

View the required NTC course-work here:

Course #Course NameCredit
BEST 1100Basic Education & Skills Training2.00
MATH 1100Technical Mathematics3.00
CONE 1102Intro to Electrical Circuit Theory4.00
CONE 2216Motor Control3.00
CONE 2226Motor Control Lab4.00
CONE 2300Programmable Logic Controllers3.00
CREF 1600Commercial Refrigeration Introduction Internship1.00
CREF 1700Introduction Commercial Refrigeration Systems3.00
CREF 1710Introduction To Commercial Refrigeration Electronic Controls Systems4.00
CREF 2100Commercial Refrigeration Racks & Chillers Theory Design & Install4.00
CREF 2600Commercial Refrigeration Capstone Internship3.00
PLHE 2032Air Conditioning, Heat Pump, Refrigeration and Recovery3.00
PLHE 2076Forced Air Systems Theory4.00
PLHE 2095HVAC Design I3.00
PLHE 2135HVAC Code Interpretation2.00
PLHE 2140Optimizing HVAC Control Systems4.00
PLHE 2146HVAC Design II4.00
PLHE 2151Hydronic Design and Controls3.00
PLHE 2160Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heat Pump Controls3.00
Total Credits: 60