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Business & Community

Bemidji is a college city with a strong commitment to the arts. The streets are lined with small shops and adorned with art sculptures. Nearly 14,000 people call Bemidji home.

It's a great place to live and work. There are quality jobs with top-notch employers, plus opportunities for entrepreneurs. Many start-up agencies are available to assist you when starting a new business. You'll also find advanced business training and networking opportunities.


Need specific training for your business or continuing education for yourself? NTC provides customized training, consulting and qualified curriculums.
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360° Center For Excellence

Searching for the right education or career pathway? 360º can help. We'll guide you, your child, your learner, or your employee toward a successful future. Learn more about 360° Center For Excellence >>

Community Meeting Space Available

NTC is an ideal meeting place. We have several conference rooms, food service and equipment available for rental to businesses and organizations. For availability information, call Doreen Kuhrke, 218-333-6611.


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