Course Descriptions and Outlines

Commercial Refrigeration Capstone Internship

The Commercial Refrigeration Capstone Internship provides college credit for work experience in a field related to the student's degree program. As the capstone course for the program, the internship integrates the knowledge, concepts and skills associated with a program of study and helps students understand the "real world" applications of their academic studies. It is one of the final courses taken fourth semester. The student's work experience must meet identified learning outcomes in order to get course credit. The internship is much more than a job; it is a course which offers you an individualized educational experience through the study of a structured employment situation. The credit is for the learning-not the work experience. Prerequisites: None Co-requisites: 4th Semester Course

Credits: 3.00

Credit Breakdown: Lecture n/a
Lab n/a
On the job training n/a

Course Outline: download (pdf)

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