Mobile Download

Students:  Download this contact card to your cell phones! 

We have a new technology that allows you to download emergency & Title IX contacts to your phone’s contacts. Please store these contacts to your phone so you always know who you can contact during an emergency.

On iPhones: make sure your default contact account is set to iCloud, not Exchange or Microsoft Outlook.  To do so, go to Settings, then select Contacts, then under Default Account, select iCloud.  (If Exchange, or Microsoft Outlook are selected, the Title IX download information will not store properly.)

Then, download the emergency information card…follow these steps:

  1. Start a text to phone number 444-999.
  2. For the message, IF YOU ARE AN NTC STUDENT, type NTCTIX and click send. IF YOU ARE A BSU STUDENT, type BSUTIX and click send.
  3. Tap the link that is texted to you and fill out required information.
  4. Click “Download card.”
  5. Then, depending on your phone:
  6. On iPhones, click “Open in Contacts” and then hit “Save.”
  7. On Androids, download the card and press “Open” on the bottom right; store the card in the “Phone” option.

All contacts are now searchable and easy to dial.  Find the contacts now by searching on your phone.   “Northwest Technical” or “Title IX” will help you access the information for NTC and “Bemidji State” or “Title IX” will provide information for BSU.

If you have difficulties downloading the card or have questions, please send an email to and someone will be in touch to help you.