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Reinvention Updates

Master Academic Plan

NTC Master Academic Plan (285k PDF; December 1, 2014 final draft)
Internal planning documents

HLC Change of Control Application

In August, Northwest Technical College submitted a Change of Control application to the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools requesting permission to expand the current administrative ties between NTC and Bemidji State University to include the areas of curricular planning and coordination.
• Download the NTC Change of Control application (373k PDF)

July 16, 2014 NTC staff meeting 

Downloads from President Hanson's July 16 presentation to the NTC faculty and staff regarding reinvention.

Reinvention Task Force

Task Force membership

The NTC Reinvention Task Force is chaired by Bill Maki, vice president for finance and administration for Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College. In addition to Maki, the task force includes 10 individuals representing NTC administration, faculty, staff and students.

NTC Reinvention Task Force: Report of Final Recommendations

On May 2, the NTC Reinvention Task Force presented this report to President Hanson. It contains the task force's recommendations for extensive changes to the college, ranging from a new model for leadership, to increasing the college’s ability to create and maintain partnerships with a broad variety of constituencies, to radical changes in the basic philosophical models that guide the way NTC delivers education to its students.

These recommendations are based on the results of more than six months of intensive research, conversations and dialogue in response to the president's October 2013 charge to the college that it assemble this task force and reinvent itself.

This report contains a series of recommendations presented to President Hanson by the task force; it is not a final action plan for the college. The president will use this report and the recommendations it contains as the basis for a final plan to reinvent the college. Work on this final plan will begin over the summer.

Download the task force's report to the president [17.8MB PDF]

Task Force meeting summaries

From January to April of 2014, the NTC Reinvention Task Force met each Friday on the NTC campus.

NTC Perception Survey

As part of its initial work to gather data, the NTC Reinvention Task Force conducted an 18-question electronic survey to gauge current perceptions of Northwest Technical College among a variety of constituent groups, including NTC students, faculty and staff, BSU faculty and staff, persons affiliated with local government and non-profit agencies, and more. Complete results of the survey are now available. [complete results]


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