Disability Services

Northwest Technical College is committed to providing for the needs of learners with documented disabilities under ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

In order to assure equal access to the full range of collegiate experiences in the most integrated setting possible, NTC provides supplemental services. Learners who provide the college with a recent assessment documenting a disability may receive the following special services:

  1. Support, counseling, and information about assessment and referral services.
  2. Academic assistance services that may include early registration services, early syllabus availability, course selection and program advising, course work and testing assistance.
  3. Advocacy services that may include assistance from a Disability Services coordinator if you need services or assistance in working with faculty and administrators, intervention procedures, and grievance procedures.

Northwest Technical College is accessible by ramps or doorways. Designated handicapped parking stalls are located near main entrances. Vehicles bearing a State Handicapped License are the only vehicles allowed to park in these spaces. Students with a temporary disability (e.g. broken leg) may obtain handicapped permits for a limited time from the receptionist. You must have a letter from a doctor for all temporary disability conditions and it must state the approximate length of the disability condition.