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Online Learning with Distance Minnesota

NTC partners with Distance Minnesota to offer many online classes and programs. A completely-online program can work well for most students, while others prefer a blended schedule where some classes are taken on campus, and others taken online. 

Ready to Learn Online?

Desire2Learn (D2L)

  • Desire2Learn - D2L - is our online learning environment software. If you are new to D2L, please see the help and tutorial files at the Distance Minnesota web site.

Ordering books for online classes:

  • Most online classes require at least one text book. All books for online classes must be purchased online. The NTC campus bookstore does not carry books for online classes.
  • Watch this video tutorial on how to order books online 
  • Spring 2015 - December 15 - Online bookstore opens and charging begins.
  • Spring 2015 - January 16 - Charging of online books ends.
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