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Work Study Jobs

Work study is a type of financial aid that gives a qualified student the opportunity to work and earn wages, while enrolling in courses.

You must qualify for work study.  To see if you are eligible, please stop in, call, or e-mail the financial aid office before you apply for a position.

Work study requirements and information:
  • A student gets paid every 2 weeks and earns $8.25/hr.
  • Cannot work more than 20 hrs. per week during fall and/or spring semesters.  Students can work up to 40 hours over Christmas break and Spring break as long as the supervisor is available and the student has eligibility
  • Student must have unmet need.  Please see the Financial Aid Office to see if you qualify
  • Must be enrolled in at least 6 credits

Available Positions:


Automotive Service




America Reads

Bemidji Area Boys and Girls Club

*Hours may be adjusted to students schedule

Leech Lake Boys and Girls Club: Cass Lake, Walker, Deer River

*Hours may be adjusted to students schedule; positions available at all locations















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