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Academic Success Toolbox

We offer this toolbox of documents and links to help you improve your academic skills. We encourage the use of advisors, tutors, and instructors to help you use these tools.

Time Management

Study Skills Assessments

  • Online Study Skills Inventory - Discover your study strengths and weaknesses with this free assessment of your study skills with tips for improvement. 
  • Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire - Free online assessment of your learning style with study skill strategies based on your personal learning style. 
  • StrengthsQuest -  Assess your top five innate talents and use the online resources to develop your academic strengths in college. 

Successful Study Strategies

GPA Calculators

  • Calculate Semester GPA - Calculate your semester GPA in order to assess your academic progress.
  • Raising Your GPA -  Use this calculator to see what you may need to earn this semester to raise your cumulative GPA goal. 

Applying your Strengths in College

According to the StrengthsQuest book by Donald Clifton Ph.D., Edward “Chip” Anderson Ph.D.,  and Laurie Schreiner Ph.D., they suggest the following to develop your academic strengths in college:

  1. Define college success in terms of maximizing your talents through strengths development.  Defining your college success in terms of identifying and building upon your greatest talents  emphasizes building yourself into a person of excellence.
  2. Select classes on the basis of your talents and strengths.  By asking yourself (a) Which of my talents will I be able to apply in the class? and (b)  What strengths will this class help me create?
  3. Consider your talents when selecting extracurricular activities.  Seek opportunities to build on your talents in strengths development such as forming relationships with professors and students who share your talents.
  4. Choose your college jobs by considering the opportunities they provide to develop strengths by following your talents.  Employment during college presents opportunities to build on your talents.
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