Certificate — Welding

The 17 credit Welding Certificate is a new credential, offered on-campus. At this time, the program is offered over two semesters.  Students may add the on-line Production Technologies certificate to the 17 credit Welding Certificate to obtain a Welding Technology certificate. For more information on enrollment options, contact Admissions.


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Degree Requirements

CMAE 1514

CMAE 1560

Safety Awareness

Interpreting Symbols



CMAE 1562 Oxyfuel Welding 3
CMAE 1564 Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) 3
CMAE 1566 Gas Metal Arc Welding/Flux Cored Arc Welding 3
CMAE 1568 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 3
CMAE 1570 Metallurgy 1
Total Credits: 17