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College Readiness

A learner may be required to enroll in college readiness courses in reading, writing and math. A learner’s scores on the Accuplacer assessment will determine enrollment in college readiness courses. The purpose of college readiness courses is to prepare learners for the demands of a college-level curriculum. Credits may vary.

Degree Requirements

Course #Course NameCredit
Required Courses
BLDG 1108Metal Fabrication2
CMAE 1506Introduction to Computers2
CMAE 1510Print Reading2
CMAE 1514Safety Awareness2
CMAE 1528Career Success Skills1
MATH 1100Technical Mathematics3
CONE 1102Intro to Electrical Circuit Theory4
CONE 2210Electronic Motor Control2
CONE 2216Motor Control 3
CONE 2300Programmable Logic Controllers3
CONE 1108Electrical Circuit Theory5
CONE 2100Instrumentation Process Control2
CONE 2226Motor Control Lab4
CONE 1300Electrical Safety2
CONE 2400Adv Programmable Logic Controllers2
METC 2000Hydraulic Systems3
METC 2050Power Transmission System3
METC 2120Pneumatic Systems3
 General Education Electives12
Total Credits: 60