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Ways to Give

Scholarships provide assistance to deserving learners. Today, scholarships are more important than ever because public funding is declining at the same time that the cost of higher education is rising. Help Northwest Technical College learners pursue their dreams by giving to or establishing a scholarship fund. Here are a few ideas:

NTC Scholarship Endowment Fund
With a gift under $500, you can give to the NTC Scholarship Endowment Fund. Your gift grows the principal amount and interest earnings are used to expand scholarship opportunities.

Annual Scholarship
With a gift of $500, you can fund an Annual Scholarship. It's funded and distributed each year and can be designated as a one-time scholarship for a specific purpose.

Endowed Scholarship
With a gift or pledge of $10,000 or more, you can create an Endowed Scholarship. Your gift is invested permanently and managed by the Foundation. The interest earnings fund your scholarship each year and you receive a year-end report explaining your fund's financial growth.

Contact: Robert Griggs at 218-333-6611.

Making A Gift

Give Cash
Gifts of any amount make an immediate impact. Read more about gifts of cash >>

Gifts of stocks, bonds, treasuries, and mutual funds that have increased in value are a win-win opportunity for you thanks to current tax laws. Read more about gifts of securities >>

Gifts of property and real estate include homes, cabins, commercial buildings, farm land, and more. Read more about gifts of property >>

Personal Property
You can gift art, antiques, rare books and almost anything of value. Read more about gifts of personal property >>

Planned Gifts
There are lots of options to give a gift in the future. Read more about planned gifts >>


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