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NTC Foundation Scholarship Application

Both on-campus and online students are eligible to complete the application. You must also meet the following requirements:

Please note that this application requires three essay answers. We encourage you to type your answers to the questions ahead of time in Microsoft Word or a similar application and have someone review your answers. When you are ready to complete the application, copy and paste your answers into this form. This form does not provide access to spellcheck once the content has been entered.

Contact Information

County of Residence

Beltrami county residents, please indicate if you have you lived here for more than a year.

Affinity Membership

Are you an Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union member?

High School Information

Please answer the following questions about the high school where you graduated.

College Education

Are you now enrolled full time or part time?

What is (or will be) your major program at Northwest Technical College?


Please answer each of the following questions carefully to improve your chance of receiving a scholarship. Tell us your story.

Explain why you selected your program of study and your career goals.

Describe previous work experience, volunteer activities, community involvement or extracurricular activities.

Describe how a scholarship will help you complete your education at NTC and why you need a scholarship.

Demographic Information

Gender and ethnicity information is optional.

Accuracy & Authorization

The following authorization must be completed for scholarship award consideration.

Statement of Accuracy & Authorization

By typing my name in the field below, I certify the accuracy of all information I have provided in this scholarship application to the NTC Foundation.

I also hereby authorize Northwest Technical College to release information from my educational records to the NTC Foundation and the Scholarship Review Team to establish my scholarship eligibility. I understand that I must attend Northwest Technical College during the 2015-16 academic year to receive a scholarship. I also agree to allow the NTC Foundation to publish my name or photograph on the NTC website, in media announcements and to scholarship donors. If I receive a scholarship, I agree to write a thank you note to be given to the scholarship donor and/or to the NTC Foundation.

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