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Degrees Offered

Required courses and specifics about degrees offered in this program



This program is available:
  • online
  • on-campus at NTC

Carsha Lapp
(218) 333-6667

Sales and Marketing

Certificate - Gainful Employment Information
Diploma - Gainful Employment Information

Do you have natural sales ability or an interest in the field of marketing? Our sales and marketing program can help you prepare for a thrilling career in sales, marketing, merchandising, selling, retailing and service businesses. The program offers diverse training including courses in computer technology, selling strategies, customer service, telemarketing, retailing and marketing concepts. You have the option to choose from on-campus and online coursework, which allows you the flexibility and convenience of earning your degree while you continue to work.

Classroom and hands-on training will cover topics including:

  • Principles of marketing
  • Retail management
  • Advertising and promotion
  • e-marketing


A career in sales and marketing offers many opportunities. The number of positions is growing and every industry needs capable sales employees. Entry-level positions include management trainees, assistant managers, customer service representatives, sales associates, route salespersons, independent sales representatives and account executives.

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Next Steps

Our unique program platform makes is possible for you to begin with your certification in sales, marketing or management, progress to your diploma in sales and marketing, and ultimately earn an AAS degree in sales, marketing and management.

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