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Degrees Offered

Required courses and specifics about degrees offered in this program



This program is available:
  • online
  • on-campus at NTC

Margo Curb-Aitken
(218) 333-6628

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Supervisory Leadership

Certificate - Gainful Employment Information
Diploma - Gainful Employment Information

Do you have natural leadership skills and the desire to work in a supervisory capacity? NTC’s supervisory leadership program offers an introduction to supervisory careers with the option to earn either a certificate or diploma. Our program will help you to increase your general business management knowledge and hone your human resources skills. This is a blended program with all courses offered on-line and some offered on-campus. This flexibility allows you the convenience of continuing to work while you accelerate your education.

Training will cover topics including:

  • Intro to business
  • Supervisory leadership
  • Intro to computer technology
  • Budget and financial management


Use your diploma for entry level positions or applying for that next promotion within your current employment agency. Where ever there are people, there are positions that require leadership skills.

See more information about careers using Supervisory Leadership credentials.

Next Steps

All credits earned in the Supervisory Leadership (diploma) program may be applied to the Supervisory Management (AAS) program at Northwest Technical College.

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