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This program is available on-campus at NTC.

Cheryl Harms
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Bemidji School of Nursing

Nursing Assistant

This program will prepare graduates to take the state certification exam for Minnesota Department of Health's nursing assistant registry. Successful completion of this state approved competency evaluation allows graduates to practice as nursing assistants and/or home health aides. 

Program graduates can also continue to the Practical Nursing and Nursing (AS) programs if they choose more advanced educational opportunities in nursing. This course is pre-requisite to NTC's Practical Nursing (PNSG) courses. 

Nursing assistants give personal care to patients in hospitals and residents of nursing homes. They work under the supervision of nurses. For many patients, nursing assistants are the people they see most often on a daily basis. By helping patients with activities of daily living, nursing assistants help them achieve a good quality of life. Home health aides care for elderly, recovering, or patients with disabilities of all ages, in their own homes. More and more people are finding that home care is less expensive than hospital care. In addition, care at home may help patients recover more quickly from surgery or illness. Home health aides provide the treatment patients need at home when their families are unable to help out. Home health aides follow doctors', nurses', or therapists' orders when providing care.


Employment opportunities have experienced a major expansion in recent years. Graduates are currently employed in acute-care hospitals, state hospitals, long-term care facilities including nursing homes and rehabilitation hospitals, clinics and physicians' offices, group homes and child care centers, health care and public health agencies, armed services, school nursing, industry and private homes. See for more employment information, including wage ranges.

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