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Degrees Offered

Required courses and specifics about degrees offered in this program


This program is available:
  • online
  • on-campus at NTC

Alicia Carley
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Cheryl Harms
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Health Sciences Broad Field

The Health Sciences Broad Field Associate of Science program at Northwest Technical College is for those who choose to double major or consider transferring to another health and human services related program.  Some programs that have common prerequisites include, nursing, social work, nutrition, corrections, heath education, and exercise science.  This program positions a learner to begin their education at Northwest Technical College, transfer to a baccalaureate program, and achieve a career in a high demand health and human services area.

The basic sciences and health occupations curriculum forms a solid base for many health and human services careers.  Learners completing the Health Sciences Broad Field Associate of Science degree will work closely with a knowledgeable advisor to outline an education pathway to their choice of Minnesota State Universities.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) contains the minimum number of credits (40) needed to complete the general education requirements at all of the public colleges and universities in Minnesota.  The 40 credits must be completed in 10 goals areas and with a minimum m 2.0 CPA.  Upon admission to most other institutions, completion of this transfer curriculum enables students to receive credit for lower-division courses.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goal Areas:

Goal 1                     Communication

Goal 2                     Critical Thinking

Goal 3                     Science

Goal 4                     Math/Logical Reasoning

Goal 5                     History/Social and Behavioral Science

Goal 6                     Humanities and Fine Arts

Goal 7                     Human Diversity

Goal 8                     Global Perspectives

Goal 9                     Ethical and Civic Responsibility

Goal 10                   People & Environment

Please visit the MnTC website (  for more information about transfer in Minnesota.

Employment Information

Graduates of this flexible program have the opportunity to be employed in a broad variety of fields, depending on their occupational goals and courses of study. See for additional employment information in all areas.

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