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Degrees Offered

Required courses and specifics about degrees offered in this program

This program is available on-campus at NTC.

Kurt Kalbrener
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Electrical Construction and Maintenance

When you choose a career in Construction Electricity, the power to succeed is in your hands. Construction electricity is where you’ll learn to build, install, maintain and repair electrical systems that provide heat, light, and/or power for residential, commercial and industrial structures. We’ll also venture into green energy technologies and sustainable residential electricity so you’re prepared to work in emerging energy careers.

Technical and general courses offer a mix of theory and hands-on learning in classrooms, labs and at job sites where you’ll learn the following skills:

  • wiring methods,
  • blueprint reading,
  • material selection,
  • programmable controllers,
  • national electric code.

Everyone enrolled in our construction trade program work collectively to build a residential home. Together, you’ll learn the specialized skills, industry collaboration and carefully managed timing it takes to build a house from the blueprint stage to testing the doorbell. This real-life application gives you the added advantage of experience with the entire construction process rather than the isolated theory of a singular construction field.


As a graduate of our construction electricity program, you will enter the workforce as a construction electrician apprentice and you’ll be equipped to work toward a journeyman or master electrician's license. The construction electricity diploma opens a wide range of career opportunities for you depending on your interests and skill levels; related field advancement options include sales positions, maintenance jobs, low voltage alarm services, data cabling and management positions.

Find specific information about electrician careers.

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