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Degrees Offered

Required courses and specifics about degrees offered in this program

This program is available:
  • online
  • on-campus at NTC

Sheila Lapp
(218) 333-6674

Computer Helpdesk Technician

If you possess the unique ability to understand the inner mechanics of computer software and hardware, along with the people skills to work either in person or over the phone to troubleshoot and solve problems, a career in computer helpdesk technology could be ideal for you. Computer helpdesk technicians interact with individuals in business, industry, education and government by providing technical solutions to problems related to software applications and relevant hardware. Your training in this program will prepare you to conduct problem analysis using phone service support, direct client service and a variety of electronic means to achieve high-level customer satisfaction and to accomplish the goals of the organization.

Classroom and hands-on training will cover topics including:

  • Microcomputer databases
  • Information systems
  • Network essentials
  • Helpdesk operations


Between the business sector and personal home computing, there continues to be a steady rise in the need for computer technicians who are able to help operators troubleshoot and solve problems. Opportunities include one-site computer technicians, service center technicians and private computer service companies.

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Next Steps

All credits earned in the Computer Helpdesk Technician (diploma) program may be applied to the E-Merging Computer Technology (AAS) program at Northwest Technical College.

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