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This program is available:
  • online
  • on-campus at NTC

The Community Health Worker Program at NTC

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Community Health Workers (CHW's) perform a broad range of health-related functions and play an important role in the bridging the gap between distinct communities and health and social care systems.  CHW's provide their communities with information about health issues that affect them and link individuals with the health and social services they need to achieve wellness.  They work with health care organizations to increase and improve access to health care organizations, improve access to health care for racial and ethnic minorities, improve quality of care for the chronically ill, promote healthy communities and educate families about access to and the use of health care coverage.

Community health workers act as a liaison between their own community and systems of care.  Community health workers perform a broad range of health-related functions and play an important role in bridging the gap between cultures and health care systems.  This program provides a blend of didactic and field-based learning that incorporates effective training environments for learners interested in being community health workers.  

A community health worker is a health and social services paraprofessional who works on the front lines with people who need assistance and guidance in getting health care.  They play an important role to build trust and assurance in bridging the gap between cultural understanding of health care systems.  They help navigate clients through systems and community services, overcoming barriers, understanding options, and accessing and benefiting from health services.

Community health workers may serve as advisors, case managers or referral sources.  They are advocates, facilitators, motivators, culture brokers and interpreters who mentor people to help the health care providers respond to patients.

The Community Health Worker (CHW) certificate is a hybrid program offered primarily online.  One to two synchronous meetings will be scheduled each semester.  Local students will meet on campus and long distance students may participate virtually.


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