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Degrees Offered

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This program is available on-campus at NTC.

Mark Johnson
(218) 333-6637

Automotive Service

Gainful Employment Information

The automotive industry is always changing, which makes this a good career to get into if you enjoy working on vehicles. NTC’s automotive department features state-of-the-art labs equipped with current service and testing equipment so you are well prepared to work with today’s technology. Throughout your training, you will learn the theory and techniques behind a variety of service and diagnostic procedures necessary to maintain the vehicles operating on our roadways.

Classroom and hands-on training will cover topics including:

  • Brakes
  • Power train systems
  • Intro to hybrids


You will have the unique opportunity to work part-time in the automotive field while attending school. With countless auto dealers, independent garages, service stations and service centers in the U.S., the employment and advancement opportunities are plentiful for trained undercar technicians.

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Next Steps

All credits in the Undercar Technician (certificate) program may be applied to the Automotive Service Technology (Diploma) program or the Automotive Service Technician (AAS) program at NTC.

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