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Degrees Offered

Required courses and specifics about degrees offered in this program

This program is available on-campus at NTC.

Paul Nelson
(218) 333-6638

High Performance Engine Machinist

Thank you for visiting our Engine Machinist Program, this program is a truly dedicated Engine Machinist Program that specializes in the high performance aspects of engine machining and building. Our learners utilize the best equipment the industry has to offer.


Past graduates from the High Performance Engine Machinist program have received jobs nationwide indicating placement potential is high. Graduates should be willing to relocate to reach full employment opportunity. The job outlook for this career choice looks great for the future with more power being required from smaller engines and dissimilar engine materials, increasing job security with the number of multi-skills performed. Many graduates go to work in High Performance Engine businesses. Others have even started their own High Performance Engine business.

Next Steps

All credits earned towards the 64-credit diploma program may be applied to the 72-credit AAS program. It's easy to begin with diploma and continue on to the AAS.

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