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Course Descriptions and Outlines

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Dental Assisting Courses

DNAS 1112

Clinical Assisting I

Credits: 4

Description: This course includes an orientation to the history of dentistry, educational requirements, credentialing opportunities and professional associations for dental and allied dental careers. The learner is provided with instruction in the use of dental equipment, instruments and supplies; principles of four-handed dentistry; concepts of infection control and instrument recirculation; management of medical and dental emergencies; and procedures related to oral diagnosis, preventive dentistry, and restorative dentistry. Prerequisite(s):ENGL0050, GTEC0006, MATH0080 or appropriate assessment score Corerequisite: DENT1100

Credit Breakdown: 2/2/0 (Lecture/Lab/On the job training)


This course should help you gain the following abilities and competencies.


Core Abilities

  1. Demonstrate thinking/active learning skills.
  2. Demonstrate career/computation skills.


  1. Recognize and practice infection control procedures
  2. Identify and select dental instruments and equipment for a variety of dental procedures
  3. Demonstrate basic skills in working at the chairside
  4. Utilize safe handling and storage of hazardous substances and materials in the dental workplace
  5. Demonstrate operation, care, and maintainence of dental equipment
  6. Describe and demonstrate patient emergency management
  7. Prepare dental instruments and autoclavable equipment for sterilization according to recommended guidelines
  8. Apply basic concepts of four-handed dentistry
  9. Demonstrate diagnostic data collection for intra and extra-oral examinations
  10. Differentiate state and national credentialing processes
  11. Learner artifact: Write a reflective piece about the basic skills needed for effective dental assisting

Guidelines for Success

ADA Statement 4

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Learners are encouraged to register with Learning Services Director for assistance with accommodations. It is the Learner's responsibility to voluntarily and confidentially disclose information regarding the nature and extent of a disability. The college cannot assume responsibility for providing accommodations or services to Learners who have not identified themselves as having a qualifying disability.


Lecture:真CrLf真Grading for this course is based on the following:真CrLf真40% Worksheets, Exercises, and Assignments真CrLf真40% Quizzes, Tests and FINAL真CrLf真20% Attendance, Participation, Punctuality, and Prepared for class/lab真CrLf真真CrLf真Lab:真CrLf真Grading for this course is based on the following:真CrLf真80% Lab Evaluations真CrLf真20% Attendance, Participation, Punctuality, and Prepared for class/lab真CrLf真真CrLf真Percentages:真CrLf真A - 100% - 94%真CrLf真B - 93% - 86%真CrLf真C - 85% - 80%真CrLf真D - 79% - 75%真CrLf真F - 74% - below真CrLf真真CrLf真You must have a passing grade on the lecture portion as well as the lab portion to pass this course. The final grade will be the lecture and lab grade combined.真CrLf真


If an assignment is due in a class in which you missed, the assignment must be turned in to the instructor on the day the learner returns from the absence. All assignments are the learners' responsibility to complete and hand in at the assigned time. Learners are expected to download required assignments prior to class/lab time, failure to do so will result in a loss of points for that assignment.真CrLf真真CrLf真All assignments must be received by the instructor on the date specified, unless previously arranged with the instructor. Late assignments will not be accepted for a grade. Please insure all assignments are neat and legible or they will be handed back to the author to re-do the project, resulting in a loss of points.真CrLf真

Make-up Policy

A student who misses a class when a test or quiz is given because of circumstances beyond his/her control will have an opportunity to take the test later. The following procedure must be followed:真CrLf真1.Contact your class instructor upon your return to school. 真CrLf真2.Your instructor will designate the location, date, and time for your make-up test/quiz.真CrLf真3.Report to the designated room at the assigned time to take the test/quiz. 真CrLf真4.All make-up tests/quizzes must be completed within five school days following your absence. Any additional make-up work allowed must be completed by the date designated by the instructor. A zero will be recorded if tests/assignments are not completed by the designated time.真CrLf真真CrLf真This procedure applies to test/quizzes. Your instructor will explain how these will be handled in each of the individual classes, and has the option of refusing late assignments when this practice is overused.真CrLf真真CrLf真If the missed test is a final exam, the policy for incomplete grades will apply. See "I" in the Grades Section of Student Handbook.真CrLf真

Repeating of courses

A student may repeat any course in which a low or failing grade is received; if a Repeat Form is filed in the Learner Services office, the original grade will be removed from the computation of the grade point average. No course or grade will be removed from the transcript. If a course is repeated to raise a low grade, the original semester hours are not counted toward the total required for graduation. Only the last grade of a repeated course will be used in computing the grade point average.

Academic Integrity

Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in a score of zero, and the possibility for dismissal from the class.

Learner Expectations

Each learner will be expected to:真CrLf真Be prepared真CrLf真Demonstrate teamwork真CrLf真Demonstrate professionalism throughout each class真CrLf真Demonstrate proper infection control protocol at all times真CrLf真Practice safety with all equipment and instruments真CrLf真Use proper care with all equipment真CrLf真真CrLf真Learners are expected to download required assignment forms prior to class/lab time, failure to do so will result in a loss of points for being prepared for that particular assignment.真CrLf真真CrLf真There will be numerous lab evaluations graded for a portion of the Clinical Assisting I lab grade.真CrLf真真CrLf真There will be no make-up labs allowed, learner must contact the instructor to schedule time missed in a different lab session, if possible. It is the sole responsibility of the learner to complete all lab evaluations on a timely basis.真CrLf真真CrLf真Attendance is mandatory for this course.真CrLf真真CrLf真Hair must be secured; lab coat and safety glasses are required and must be worn before beginning to participate in any session.真CrLf真真CrLf真Evaluation sheets must be properly filled out and completed for a grade.真CrLf真真CrLf真Because of the time required for some evaluations and to allow for more time on other projects, we may not follow the lab book sequence. Check the appropriate syllabus.真CrLf真真CrLf真The average of the lecture portion will be averaged with the lab portion for one total grade only.真CrLf真真CrLf真You must have a passing grade on the lecture portion as well as the lab portion to pass this course.真CrLf真真CrLf真

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