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Course Descriptions and Outlines

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Dental Courses

DENT 1112

Dental Anatomy

Credits: 3

Description: The lecture portion of the course introduces the learner to basic terminology for understanding the structures that form the foundation for tooth function, normal anatomy of the oral cavity, and tooth and root morphology. Lab sessions will provide opportunities for the learner to work with tooth identification and charting systems, intraoral imagery, and occlusion assessment. Special topics include survey of dental anomalies, cavity classifications, and forensic dentistry. Prerequisite(s): ENGL0050, GTEC0006, MATH0080 or appropriate assessment score

Credit Breakdown: 2/0/0 (Lecture/Lab/On the job training)


This course should help you gain the following abilities and competencies.


Core Abilities

  1. Demonstrate thinking/active learning skills.


  1. Identify maxillary and mandibular permanent dentition
  2. Identify maxillary and mandibular deciduous dentition
  3. Explain tooth development and pulp morphologies
  4. Locate the structures of the oral cavity
  5. Name teeth according to Universal/Palmer/Federation Dentaire Systems
  6. Compare tooth function
  7. Locate tooth surfaces
  8. Demonstrate documentation of diagnostic data collection
  9. Learner artifact: Create a reflection summary on the importance of dental anatomy in dentistry

Guidelines for Success


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, learners are encouraged to register with Director of Learning Services in Learning Enrichment Center for assistance with accommodations. It is the learner's responsibility to voluntarily and confidentially disclose information regarding the nature and extent of a disability. The college cannot assume responsibility for providing accommodations or services to learners who have not identified themselves as having a qualifying disability.

Last Updated: 2011-05-23
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